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Goodfellas Scene 6

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Scene 6

Scene 6

Yeah, Right, You're a Union Delegate

  • Tommy and Henry are on their double date. Henry, preoccupied with thoughts of his later meeting with Tuddy, is basically the worst date ever, trying to rush through dinner faster than Takeru Kobayashi.
  • Voice-over switch: now we hear Karen, Henry's blind date. She tells us that Henry is obnoxious. We're with you, girl.
  • Still, the foursome makes another date. Henry stands Karen up. Not cool, dude.
  • After dinner as a trio, Karen makes Tommy drive her around to find Henry. When she does, she chews him out something fierce on the street in front of everybody.
  • Henry is intrigued and promises to make it up to her.
  • Cut to Henry and Karen's second date. Or, we suppose, third, if you count the time he stood her up.
  • In one long tracking shot, we see Henry whisk Karen past the line, through the back of the Copacabana, through the kitchen, to the best seat in the house. He knows everybody and dishes out tips left and right. She's like, "Whoa."
  • Karen asks Henry what he does for a living, and he says he's in construction. She's not buying it, but with perks like these, so what? Who cares?

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