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Goodfellas Scene 7

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Scene 7

Scene 7

Don't Be Named Morrie or Bruce

  • Henry and Tommy pull off the Air France heist. Paulie is a proud papa.
  • Cut to Henry and Karen at a country club. Karen's preppy neighbor Bruce stops by their table to say hello. Henry sizes him up.
  • Cut to Henry and Karen at the club, listening to a crooner. Karen explains how much she likes Henry's big-shot connections—and how little she cares about where they come from.
  • Henry and Karen smooch it up in Henry's convertible.
  • Cut to a horrible commercial for Morrie's Wig Shop.
  • At the shop, Morrie complains to Henry that Jimmy is overcharging him for the aforementioned corny commercial.
  • Henry tells Morrie to be smart and just pay Jimmy. Then, Jimmy charges in and starts strangling Morrie, demanding payment. We're thinking Morrie should probably pay the man.
  • Morrie's wig falls off. But, he agrees to pay up. Glad that's settled.
  • Karen calls, and Henry rushes off. He finds her at a payphone. Remember that dude Bruce? He assaulted her.
  • Henry drives Karen home. Then, he goes across the street and pistol-whips preppy Bruce in his driveway. He tells Bruce that if he ever touches Karen again, he'll kill him. Karen watches from the window.
  • Henry goes back to Karen's house and asks her to hide his gun. She digs it.

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