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Goodfellas Scene 8

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Scene 8

Scene 8

A Tale of Two Families

  • Mazel tov! It's Henry and Karen's Big Fat Jewish Wedding. The whole gang is there: Henry's family and Henry's other family. You know, Paulie, Jimmy, Tommy, Frenchy, even Morrie in his terrible wig.
  • Henry's mafia family showers the newlyweds with cash. As Karen and Henry share their first dance as a married couple, she worries that somebody might steal the bag with all of the gifts. Henry just laughs.
  • Cut to Karen at home with her parents. Her mom is miffed that Henry hasn't called. She's not stoked that Karen and Henry are still crashing at their place, either.
  • Karen and her mom have a big fight. Her mom is not happy about the whole Henry-never-coming-home-at-night thing, either, but Karen stands by her man.
  • Later, much later, like dawn later, Henry comes home looking worse for wear. Karen's mom immediately starts chewing him out.
  • Henry laughs, goes back to his ride, and drives away. Well, that's one way to deal with your in-laws.

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