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Goodfellas Scene 9

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Scene 9

Scene 9

Just Your Average Hardworking, Blue-Collar Hijackers

  • Karen is at a hostess party at Mickey's house. All of the ladies are getting pampered: hair, nails, blue goop facials. Perms and hideous eye shadow run rampant. They're gossiping like a bunch of teenagers.
  • Karen gets a glimpse of her polyester-clad future, and she doesn't like it. Back at home—her own home now—she worries about what would happen if Henry were to get locked up. He tells her not to worry. He's too organized to get caught.
  • Through voice-over, Karen rationalizes Henry's, uh, unique line of work. He and his friends are just hardworking, blue-collar guys doing what they can to succeed. Sure, Karen.
  • Cut to Henry and Tommy hijacking a truck. See? Just a couple of hardworking, blue-collar dudes.
  • Just as Karen concludes a voice-over about how everybody being together all of the time made mob life seem normal, we cut to two Feds serving her with a search warrant at her front door.
  • She invites them in and offers them some coffee. It's all routine.
  • Cut to a birthday party for Jimmy's son, the creatively named "Little Jimmy."
  • Over a montage of snaps from vacations and everybody goofing around at similar family gatherings, Karen explains that they did everything together. They only went to each other's houses. It was standard stuff, and she was proud to have a hubby who busted his butt to get them "the little extras."
  • As Karen and Henry bicker in front of their closets, we get a glimpse of those little extras. They each have tons of expensive, flashy clothes, and Henry pulls stacks of cash out of his belt.
  • In the kitchen, Karen asks Henry for money to go shopping. How much? "That much," she says, holding up her fingers to suggest a fat chunk of change.

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