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Grease The Carnival

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The Carnival

Round and Round We Go

Grease ends with a carnival, a traveling attraction full of rickety rides. (Ugh: we hope all the sprockets and cogs are well greased. If not, Danny Zuko has some to spare.)

The carnival is a great place to celebrate graduating high school. Don't we all wish we could spin around on a tilt-a-whirl after a big life milestone? The Grease cast gets to do just that.

But if horror movies have taught us anything, it's that the carnival has a darker side. We're not saying this is a horror movie. But this carnival is temporary, just like all our characters' happiness. How many high school loves last a lifetime? The final song contains this line:

EVERYONE: We'll always be together.

But it's dripping with irony. They'll be together until they grow apart. This may not be a slasher movie, but there's a little horror in simply growing up.

Fun House

At least there is fun to be had in the meantime, and Danny and Sandy's sizzling duet takes place in a rocking—literally—fun house. It shakes, spins, and gyrates all over, just like Sandy's hips in those leather pants.

The Fun House is a great representation of everything Danny and Sandy went through to get to this point in their relationship. Walking through the ups and downs of the Fun House is like taking a trip down the rocky road of memory lane.

We know we sound even more cynical than Rizzo, but the Fun House too is a house built on a foundation of irony. There is a warning painted on the Fun House wall: DANGER AHEAD. There is so much irony here, our heads spin like Danny and Sandy in the twirling tunnel.

Of course, there is no actual danger in the Fun House. Those words are there for thrills. But so is Sandy. Her makeover is purely to thrill Danny…it's electrifyin,' after all. She could be "danger" in a good way, like how Ariana Grande is a dangerous woman. Or it could be danger because the makeover—and the relationship—won't last.

To end this on a high note, we're going with the first option, just because we want to picture Ariana Grande in a production of Grease someday. But we guess your opinion depends on your view of first loves. Can they last? Or do they always lead to danger ahead?

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