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Grease Thunder Road

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Thunder Road

Where There's Lightning, There's Thunder

In a parallel universe, Mad Max: Thunder Road is the second Mad Max movie, starring Mel Gibson and Olivia Newton-John. (Sorry, Travolta.) She's Australian, she loves fast cars—it's a perfect fit.

Or at least it's a better fit than in Grease.

The whole Thunder Road sequence kind of comes out of nowhere, almost as if the producers decided, mid-meeting, "This ain't on Broadway. We need an action sequence!"

The car chase is almost a natural fit for a car named Greased Lightnin'. How do we know the lightnin' is greased if it doesn't have the opportunity to show off? And the "Greased Lightnin'" song is one of the raunchiest in this PG musical. Here are a few choice lyrics.

DANNY: We'll be getting' lots of tit in Greased Lightnin'. […] You are supreme. The chicks will cream for Greased Lightnin'. […] With new pistons, plugs, and shocks, I can get off my rocks. You know that I ain't bragging, she's a real pussy wagon. Greased Lightnin'.

Whoa there.

You might think that this is just teenage boys bragging about never-to-be-had sexual exploits. But, to be fair, Greased Lightnin' works. It's only after the high-octane testosterone fueled road race do all the couples in Grease finally get together.

So that's the dating take-away of Grease: get a fast car and ready to speed straight for love.

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