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Randal Kleiser

If Randal Kleiser were a student at Rydell High, he wouldn't be a popular kid like Danny, and he wouldn't be a nerd like Eugene either. He'd be most like the kid in the green shirt at the end of the movie: solid, talented, but not everyone recognizes him or knows who he is.

Despite directing one of the most beloved movie musicals, Kleiser doesn't have a memorable resume. Before directing Grease, Randal Kleiser put John Travolta in a plastic bubble in the 1976 TV movie The Boy in the Plastic Bubble. The success of that film gave Kleiser the clout to turn Travolta into the boy with the plastic hair—Danny Zuko—in Grease.

Kleiser went from one movie about a group of sexed-up teens to another, directing The Blue Lagoon in 1980, a film that showed audiences what came between Brooke Shields and her Calvins. From there, he worked on steadily average films, like Big Top Pee-Wee (1988), White Fang (1991), and Red Riding Hood (2006) with Amanda Seyfried.

Since then, Kleiser hasn't done any big-screen directing. We hope no one huffed and puffed and blew his house down.

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