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Grease Screenwriter

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Alan Carr and Bronte Woodard, based on the playbook by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey

Producer Alan Carr needed to adapt a hit Broadway musical for Hollywood—a big task made harder by the fact that Hollywood wanted it to be PG, when the musical was a teensy bit racier. To help him clean it up, Carr recruited someone named Bronte Woodard. Despite seemingly being named after a couple of pretty famous women writers (Charlotte and Emily), Bronte Woodward was a dude.

The two men buffed up the play to a Hollywood shine by removing references to saran wrap being used as a condom (good call, guys). They also removed a few musical numbers and rearranged a few others. (Source)

The silver screen adaptation was a hit, so Carr and Woodard worked together again for a film starring the Village People: Can't Stop the Music. That one wasn't a hit, to put it mildly.

Carr and Woodard won the not-so-coveted Golden Raspberry award for Worst Screenplay in 1980 for Can't Stop the Music. Critics hated it…and the film's box-office failure basically stopped Woodard's career.

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