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Grease Rydell Staff and Faculty ()

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Rydell Staff and Faculty ()

Too Cool for School

Rydell is the coolest high school. Not because of the students—you can't get much more uncool than Sonny—but because of the staff and faculty. They are led by Principal Calhoun (Eve Arden) and her secretary, Blanche (Dody Goodman)

First of all, actress Eve Arden was a bonafide Hollywood goddess. (Source) Dody Goodman was a prolific comedic actress. Together, these two give us some of the film's most memorable scenes and funny lines, like this one.

PRINCIPAL MCGEE: Remember, students, if you can't be an athlete, be an athletic supporter.

What sets the Principal apart is her no-nonsense attitude. For example, after delivering this line...

PRINCIPAL MCGEE: It is our chance to show the entire nation what fine, bright, clean-cut, wholesome students we have here at Rydell.

…the look on McGee's face lets us know that she knows she's full of it at that moment. You know she's waiting for summer vacay so she and Blanche can go on a cross-country stand-up comedy tour.

Their opening act would be Coach Calhoun (Sid Caesar). Actor Caesar (no relation to Julius) was a comedy legend, and he loves chewing the scenery in his ridiculously over-the-top pep rally speech.

CALHOUN: When we get out there, we're gonna yank 'em, and tear 'em, and rip 'em. […] And then we're gonna slaughter 'em.

If their tour bus breaks down, they can rely on Mrs. Murdock (Alice Ghostley), a stereotype busting auto shop teacher. Yes, boys, women can fix cars too.

Finally, the comedy routine can be workshopped with the school Nurse (Fannie Flagg)—the author of Fried Green Tomatoes and the best panelist in the history of the Match Game. If you don't know her and her sweaters you're doing yourself a disservice. Get thee to YouTube!

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