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Grease Vince Fontaine (Edd Byrnes)

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Vince Fontaine (Edd Byrnes)

KRPR Radio

Vince Fontaine is a radio DJ in the vein of Dick Clark from his American Bandstand days. Fontaine hosts a live dance show called National Bandstand. He's also a grown man who hits on teenage girls and attempts to roofie them.

The guy doesn't make any effort to hide his creeper nature. He says this to Marty,

VINCE: Do your folks know I come into your room every night?

And before we can stop shuddering, Marty later tells Rizzo this,

MARTY: I caught Vince Fontaine trying to put aspirin in my Coke at the dance.

If Vince Fontaine were real, we'd have eventually heard of a Cosby-like scandal surrounded this skeevy man. But he's not, and Grease takes place in the 1950's where no one seems to care about this.

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