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Grease Scene 10

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Scene 10

Scene 10

  • The slumber party is interrupted when the T-Birds show up outside.
  • Rizzo shimmies out the window to flirt with the boys.
  • Kenickie invites her into the car. Danny bails, and Kenickie kicks the rest of the boys out of the car.
  • Back in Frenchy's room, Sandy marvels at all the military boyfriends Marty has. How does she keep them?
  • "I'm a terrific penpal," she explains.
  • Sandy is still upset over Danny, and she goes outside to sing a sad, sad song about how "Hopelessly Devoted" she is to him.
  • She writes him the shortest letter ever while she's singing, then swishes it around a conveniently placed kiddie pool while imagining John Travolta's face reflected in the water.
  • Who hasn't been there?

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