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Grease Scene 13

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Scene 13

Scene 13

  • To impress Sandy, Danny decides to join the basketball team.
  • Danny leaves a teammate dribbling after punching him in the gut. This is basketball, not hockey.
  • Next up, Danny tries wrestling.
  • He's pinned instantly, and retaliates with a blow to his opponent's ribs.
  • Recognizing he's a hitter, Coach puts Danny on the baseball team.
  • After hitting a foul ball, Danny snaps the umpire's mask.
  • Danny is an injury-prone athlete, but what's getting hurt is his ego.
  • Coach transfers him to track.
  • To impress Sandy, he attempts to jump hurdles without looking.
  • He trips over one and falls flat on his ego‚Ķer, his face.
  • Taking sympathy for his bruised face, Sandy agrees to let Danny take her out again.

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