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Grease Scene 16

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Scene 16

Scene 16

  • At school, the National Bandstand folk are setting up cameras.
  • Rizzo frets about not having a date, when what to her wandering eyes should appear, but the Scorpion stud muffin who offered to buy her and a car for three quarters.
  • She hops in his hot rod and they speed away.
  • In the gym, all the students are excited to meet Vince Fontaine, the host, and get on the show.
  • The cameras roll and the students hit the dance floor.
  • A man with a clipboard evaluates everyone's dance moves while they hoof it.
  • Kenickie has brought a new date—a girl named Cha Cha. Can she dance her namesake?
  • Meanwhile, Vince Fontaine, an adult, hits on Marty, a teenager. They talk about cherries.
  • While that's happening, Sonny spikes the punch.
  • Cha Cha and Danny appear to have a history, but when Sandy pushes him on it, he avoids the question. The guy can sidestep as good as he quicksteps.

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