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Grease Scene 17

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Scene 17

Scene 17

  • The principal introduces Vince Fontaine, but he doesn't hear her because he's too busy hitting on one of her students.
  • After a couple tries, she gets him on stage, where he amps up the crowd.
  • Finally, the dance contest can begin.
  • The band performs a cover of Elvis Presley's "Hound Dog" as everyone shows their stuff for the cameras.
  • Danny looks like he's trying out for Saturday Night Fever. Hmm.
  • That's just a warmup to the "Hand Jive," where everyone just looks like they're having epileptic fits on the gym floor.
  • Rizzo and her date are tapped out of the competition, and she's not happy about it.
  • This school must offer professional dance classes, because everyone else is doing great.
  • However, during the dance Danny starts doing some dirty dancing with Cha Cha, which makes Sandy jealous.
  • Danny and Cha Cha—should we call her Ms. Cha?—end up winning, and Sandy isn't even there to see it.
  • With trophy in hand, Cha Cha and Danny have a spotlight dance.
  • This kind of thing only happens once in a blue moon, so they dance to "Blue Moon."
  • And a full moon falls over the gym when the T-Birds show their bare butts to the TV cameras.

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