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Grease Scene 18

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Scene 18

Scene 18

  • The movie screen says, "It crawls! It creeps!"
  • It's a trailer for The Blob at the drive-in.
  • At the drive-in, Sandy is upset that Danny once "went together" with Cha Cha, as if he's expected to have never had a prior relationship.
  • He tries to get a ring off his finger to give to her, but in the process he accidentally elbows her in the boob.
  • However, she appreciates the gesture, and she agrees to wear the ring, because it means he "respects" her.
  • In the bathroom, Rizzo says she feels like "a defective typewriter."
  • She uses this analogy because she "skipped a period." Uh-oh.
  • Marty swears she won't tell anybody Rizzo is pregnant.
  • She immediately tells Sonny who blabs it to everyone. Smooth move.
  • The whole drive-in knows in less than a few seconds.
  • Kenickie thinks it's his, but Rizzo tells him it was "somebody else's mistake."
  • In Danny's car, Sandy wants to watch the movie, but Danny has his eyes on something else.
  • He tries to cop a feel, and Sandy gets angry at him for bringing her to the drive-in in a "sin wagon."
  • She runs away, which prompts Danny to walk up and down the rows of cars singing.
  • We hope no one else is actually trying to watch the movie, especially when Danny decides to sit on a swing directly in front of the screen and sing. Hey, down in front!

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