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Grease Scene 21

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Scene 21

Scene 21

  • It feels like we've only been in school a week, but the school year is over.
  • The kids and the thirty-somethings who are still in high school run outside to celebrate at a conveniently placed carnival.
  • On the Ferris wheel, Rizzo shrieks with delight, not because she's really enjoying riding the ride, but because she's not actually pregnant.
  • That news is enough to get she and Kenickie back together.
  • Suddenly, Sandy shows up, and sweet hachie machie, she's gotten quite the makeover.
  • With a perm, a leather jacket, skin-tight black leather pants, and red heels, she gives Danny chills. They're multiplyin'.
  • They sing a duet, telling each other, "You're the one that I want. What I need, oh yes, indeed."
  • After the song, Frenchy is thrilled that the gang is all together.
  • But she worries that they might never see each other after graduation.
  • Danny says that's ridiculous, and starts singing a song filled with nonsense to prove it.
  • It goes something like chang-chang-shiggitdy-boopity-bop, which means they'll all be together forever.
  • Little do they know they won't even be back for the sequel four years later.
  • But they're together for now. Danny, Sandy and her makeover, and Danny's car literally drive off into the sky.
  • We have only two words: the end.

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