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Grease Scene 4

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Scene 4

Scene 4

  • A pink Studebaker pulls up in the parking lot.
  • Rizzo and her gals emerge, armed and ready with padded bras and pink jackets to take on the school as seniors.
  • In the office, the teachers and the school nurse are already dreading the upcoming year.
  • Students run and scream in the halls, but Sandy seems relatively calm in the office, ready to sign up for a new year of classes.
  • The bell rings and all the students dash to clash, except for the T-Birds.
  • Sonny complains that all his teachers have flunked him before.
  • He swears he won't "take no crap" from any of his teachers.
  • Just then, one of his teachers catches him and threatens him with detention.
  • He takes all her crap, and his friends make fun of him.
  • On the stairs, the T-Birds tease a nerd, zapping him with an electric buzzer and ruffling his hair. Shouldn't they all be in class by now?

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