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Grease Scene 9

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Scene 9

Scene 9

  • After the pep rally, the Pink Ladies introduce Sandy to Danny.
  • Danny pretends he doesn't know her.
  • Sandy says he's a "fake and a phony" and she throws her pom-poms at him. That's gotta hurt.
  • At Frenchy's car, Sandy cries over Danny's two-facedness.
  • She invites Sandy to a sleepover at her house.
  • At the slumber party, Jan imitates a toothpaste commercial, Marty does bust-enhancing exercises, and Rizzo and Frenchy teach Sandy how to smoke.
  • She better use some of that toothpaste afterwards.
  • After forcing Sandy to try some dessert wine, Frenchy pierces one of Sandy's ears with a needle.
  • This slumber party is one big example of things you shouldn't do at home.
  • Sandy goes to the bathroom, where she gets sick at the sight of blood.
  • While Sandy tosses her cookies, Frenchy reveals that she's going to drop out of Rydell and go to beauty school.
  • Rizzo pulls out one of Frenchy's wigs and sings a song making fun of Sandy and her purity.
  • Wigs are only scalp deep, but ugliness is on the inside.

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