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Gremlins Fandoms

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If you Google "Gremlins 3" you get about 87,100 hits, which coincidentally is also the number of gremlins rumored to be in Gremlins 3. (Source: A rumor we just made up.)

People have dozens of ideas for a sequel, and Gremlins star Zach Galligan, whose you might remember from Chicken Soup for the Soul (TV Series) or Love Boat: The Next Wave has made a career coming up with some himself. One recent suggestion was that the gremlins combine into one big ol' giant gremlin. Gremzilla, or something. (Source)

Whether or not there is a sequel, people still love Gremlins, and they debate what the rules really mean. For example, it's always after midnight, technically. When is it safe to feed a mogwai again? A post about gremlins and time zones has over eighty comments and counting. If people don't figure this out soon, their mogwai are going to starve.

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