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Gremlins Gerald (Judge Reinhold)

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Gerald (Judge Reinhold)

Young Upwardly Mobile Professional

Every '80s movie needs a yuppie jerk to talk down to the protagonist. In this movie, it's Gerald. Here are a couple of his lines.

GERALD: Peltzer, this is a bank, not a pet store.

And don't forget this one.

GERALD: I would've fired you in a second.

Gerald is literally in two scenes of this movie, for no more than ninety seconds of screen time. In that time he insults Billy and Kate, and he manages to look like a pompous poser by ordering a James Bond martini, shaken not stirred. Who does this guy think he is? We'll never know, because after his one scene, he's never heard from again.

We wouldn't even be able to find his obituary to see if he survived the gremlin attack. Why? Because we don't know what his last name is. Billy calls him "Jones" but the credits say his name is Hopkins. Is he in witness protection? What's the deal?

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