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Gremlins Pete Fountaine (Corey Feldman)

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Pete Fountaine (Corey Feldman)

One Corey is Better than Two

The two Coreys—Feldman and Haim—were big in the 1980s. But before the two teamed up in the Lost Boys, Corey Feldman was in Gremlins. Like Gizmo, he doesn't have much to do other than be cute. That's why Gremlins is an important film. It reminds us that Corey Feldman was once adorable.

There isn't anything to say about his character. He's a comic relief character who makes googly eyes at Gizmo. He fights off a gremlin with a pair of scissors. We never even get to see what happens to him after the end of the movie.

Oh, we almost forgot: Pete's the one who spills water on Gizmo, starting all the trouble. Good one, Pete.

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