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Gremlins Change

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KATE: It's when a lot of people get really depressed.

BILLY: That's funny, you because I always thought everyone was happy during the holidays, no matter what.

KATE: Well most people are, but some aren't. While everybody else is opening up their presents, they're opening up their wrists.

BILLY: Cheery thought.

KATE: It's true. The suicide rate's always the highest around the holidays.

BILLY: Now I'm depressed.

This film can be one that changes your opinion of the Christmas holidays. It isn't always happiness and ho-ho-hos.

MOVIE: "They're like huge seed pods!"

Billy likes to watch horror movies, and this scene from Invasion of the Body Snatchers foreshadows the gremlins own mutation. Their cocoons, too, look like festering seed pods.

PETE: What'd you say this was called? A putrid stage?

MR. HANSON: Pupal. Pupal stage.

PETE: Like a butterfly.

MR. HANSON: Yeah, right. Right. This is a cocoon, and inside he's going through changes. Lots of changes.

PETE: Like my mother.

MR. HANSON: No. No, that's different. This is called a metamorphosis. It's a change in form and in appearance.

Metamorphosis. Pupal stage. Cocoon. Gremlins is educational, too.

BILLY: Maybe you'd like to go out on a date?

Billy and Kate's relationship changes from friendly co-workers to potential love interests when he asks her out on a date. Okay, maybe not all change is bad.

[STRIPE attacks and jumps into pool at YMCA.]

The filmmakers should have commissioned the Village People to write a song for this scene. "Young Gremlin, you can do what you feel…" Stripe goes to great lengths to mutate and really change the game when he jumps into the pool. This is the tipping point, and there's no going back to the way things were.

MRS. DEAGLE: They're here! They've come for me. I… I'm not ready. I'm not ready yet. I'm not ready.

Does your opinion of Mrs. Deagle change in her final moments when she begs for her life to be spared? Or is it too little too late?

GRANDFATHER: You teach him to watch television?

The white people of Kingston Falls aren't the only ones resistant to change. Grandfather doesn't want Gizmo to be Americanized. First, television. Next, Mountain Dew and microwave taquitos.

GRANDFATHER: Perhaps someday you may be ready. Until then, Mogwai will be waiting.

Implies Billy needs to change before being able to take care of Gizmo. What kind of change? He should get dad to invent a little mogwai-sized rain slicker.

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