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Gremlins Scene 1

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Scene 1

Scene 1

  • We begin, like so many movies from the '80s, with a white guy in China.
  • He looks like an overweight Indiana Jones, complete with a Short Round-lookalike in front of him.
  • In V.O. he introduces himself as Rand Peltzer, inventor.
  • He's got a story to tell, and he swears it's a story like no other.
  • Turns out he's not in China, he's merely in Chinatown.
  • The Short Round impersonator leads Peltzer to his grandfather's store.
  • It's an odd shop filled with cages, knick-knacks, and enough candles to be a serious fire hazard.
  • Speaking of fire hazard, grandpa's hair and beard is really long. Keep away from open flames, old man.
  • Peltzer tries to sell grandpa The Bathroom Buddy: a Swiss Army-esque traveling gadget. It's got a toothbrush, a nail file, everything a traveler needs. Does it have a built in Airbnb app?
  • But Peltzer's pitch is interrupted by the chittering of a strange animal.
  • Peltzer approaches it, and Short Round tells him it's a mogwai.
  • He offers $100 but grandpa won't sell.
  • How about $200?
  • "Mogwai not for sale. […] With mogwai comes much responsibility." Why, can he shoot webs from his hands?
  • The kid steals the mogwai and gives it to Peltzer in exchange for two Benjamins.
  • But before Peltzer leaves, the kid tells him the three rules of mogwai care. Keep him out of sunlight. Keep him away from water. And the most important rule: never, never feed him after midnight.

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