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Gremlins Scene 11

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Scene 11

Scene 11

  • The evil gremlin escapes through a ventilation duct after scratching Billy's hand.
  • Billy goes to the nurse's office to bandage his cut, where the crazy gremlin jumps out of a cabinet, frightening him.
  • At his house, the quintet of gremlin bullies have pinned Gizmo to a dartboard and are using him as target practice.
  • Mom isn't happy about the commotion. She grabs a kitchen knife and goes upstairs to check it out.
  • One mom vs. five gremlins. This doesn't seem like a fair fight.
  • She's horrified by the sight of the hatched cocoons, but can't find any gremlins.
  • Billy calls and tells Mom to get out of the house. Too late, Billy.
  • The gremlins do the scariest thing possible: they play Christmas music at loud volume.
  • Do you see what we see? A gremlin, waiting in the dark, to tear you limb from limb.
  • Mom finds one gremlin eating right out of the food processor.
  • Never put your face near a sharp blade, especially when Mom is around.
  • She hits the on button and blends the gremlin to a pulp.
  • Another gremlin isn't happy with this, and it throws plates at Mom.
  • She defends herself with a TV tray and gets close enough to stab the gremlin dead.
  • Who dares face off against Mom next?
  • A gremlin throws a tray of cookies at her, and she shoves it into the microwave and turns it on until it pops. Ding ding: dinner's ready.
  • Three down, two to go.
  • Mom finds her next green victim in a stocking hung by the chimney with care.
  • Mom beats it with a fire poker, but it turns out to be a wind-up toy decoy.
  • A gremlin knocks the Christmas tree onto Mom and attacks her.
  • It attempts to choke her with tinsel. War on Christmas? This is a war with Christmas.
  • Billy arrives in time to knock the gremlin into the fireplace, burning it to goop.
  • The final gremlin, Stripe, escapes through the window to terrorize another day.

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