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Gremlins Scene 14

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Scene 14

Scene 14

  • Across town, a priest mails a letter and is surprised to hear a weird noise inside the mailbox.
  • The worst priest ever tells the next man at the mailbox "be my guest" and watches as he sticks his arm in the mailbox and gets eaten.
  • At the sheriff's office, they're playing with adorable Gizmo, not understanding how something like him could turn violent and dangerous.
  • Here's how: the sheriff gets a call that there was a freak accident at the Futtermans involving a snowplow.
  • At Mrs. Deagle's house, she is annoyed to be visited by Christmas carolers.
  • Like the Strand bookstore spraying homeless people with water in winter, Mrs. Deagle opens the door to throw a pitcher of water on the innocent carolers.
  • But, like Britney Spears, they're not that innocent. They're evil gremlins, of course.
  • Good thing she didn't throw that pitcher, or things might get worse.
  • Mrs. Deagle retreats into her house and locks the door.
  • She's too weak to climb the stairs on her own, so she uses her chair lift.
  • Spike's short-circuited it, and it spirals up the stairs so fast, it flings her out the window and into the snow to her death.
  • Mrs. Deagle crashes face first into the snow right in front of the sheriff. He's in shock.
  • A Santa staggers out of a house. He's covered in gremlins chewing on him.
  • The sheriff flees like a coward, soon crashing because Stripe cut the brake lines.

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