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Gremlins Scene 15

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Scene 15

Scene 15

  • With Gizmo in tow, Billy gets into his VW Beetle, which starts. It's a Christmas miracle.
  • At Dorry's, Kate's forced to be a bartender for all the gremlins.
  • She's the only one there, which makes us wonder where Dorry is. Do we need to go on a mission? Finding Dorry?
  • The gremlins are totally trashing the place, and they're bad tippers.
  • Kate uses a camera's flash to blind the gremlins and escape.
  • One of the gremlins has a gun. Is this movie is set in Texas? There it's legal for gremlins to open-carry firearms.
  • Kate runs. Billy arrives to give her a ride.
  • Kate and Billy flee to the bank, which has already been trashed.
  • In the safety of the bank, Kate says she now has another reason to hate Christmas.
  • What's the first reason? She finally shares.
  • When she was nine, her dad never came home.
  • Yeah, that's a downer.
  • After a week, they still hadn't heard from him.
  • One night, Kate lit a fire and noticed a weird smell from the chimney.
  • She called someone to inspect, expecting them to find a bird or squirrel.
  • "Instead, they pulled out my father."
  • Sorry, Kate, there's no Santa Claus.

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