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Gremlins Scene 17

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Scene 17

Scene 17

  • All the gremlins die in the movie theater explosion.
  • Well, except Stripe, who'd left to find Milk Duds. Wasn't he worried about missing a critical part of the movie?
  • Billy follows him to a candy counter in a department store across the street.
  • He knows they have to stop Stripe before he dunks himself in water again.
  • Stripe escapes deeper into the large department store. It's a Sears on steroids.
  • Good thing he's carelessly left a trail of candy.
  • Billy Hansels and Gretels his way to Stripe, but not before getting a romantic smooch from Kate for luck.
  • In the hardware department, Stripe throws saw blades at Billy, giving a new meaning to tool and die.
  • Billy dodges the blades and pursues Stripe to the sporting goods department.
  • Stripe hits Billy in the kidney with a couple tennis balls from a pneumatic launcher. Talk about a double fault.
  • With Billy on the ground, Stripe takes aim with a crossbow and shoots Billy in the shoulder. Yeowch.
  • Feeling Billy's sufficiently weakened, Stripe gets a chainsaw and rushes in for the kill.
  • Billy defends himself with a baseball bat, which the chainsaw makes short work of. If Billy were playing rock-paper-chainsaw, he would totally lose.

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