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Gremlins Scene 18

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Scene 18

Scene 18

  • In the department store control room, Kate turns on all the lights, shocking Stripe into dropping the chainsaw.
  • Billy is saved.
  • Outside, dad is driving with Barney in the car.
  • Barney leaps out and into the department store where Billy entered to find Stripe. Dad follows.
  • Meanwhile, Gizmo is driving a tiny little pink car that he must have GTA'd from a Barbie doll.
  • Billy finally finds Stripe in a lawn and garden shop.
  • Stripe is about to climb into a fountain, starting this whole process again.
  • He sticks his finger in, and his back bubbles up with new gremlin eggs. Someone get Stripe some Clearasil.
  • Gizmo zips in and opens the blinds and hit Stripe square in the face with bright sunlight.
  • Stripe's face melts into a gross (and smelly looking) green goo.
  • His body, mostly liquefied, falls into the fountain.
  • Billy stoops to pick up Gizmo and cradle him in dad's scarf. And because he's the hero, the pretty girl holds him.
  • Billy approaches the fountain, and Spike's skeleton leaps out.
  • But it doesn't go far before the bones dissolve into mush on the floor. Stripe must have had a calcium deficiency.

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