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Gremlins Scene 3

Scene 3

Scene 3

  • It's a good thing Billy lives in a town the size of Hill Valley, so he can walk to the bank where he works in a few minutes.
  • Billy clips on his tie and gets ready to make it rain. That's what bank tellers do, right?
  • His pretty co-worker, Kate, asks him to sign a petition to have Dorry's Pub declared a landmark.
  • Mrs. Deagle, town crone, is trying to take his lease away.
  • Speaking of the wicked witch, here is she stomping down the sidewalk. Her broomstick must be in the repair shop.
  • One of her tenants asks for more time to pay the rent, and her request is denied by Deagle.
  • Deagle brings a giant plastic snowman into the bank and sets it on Billy's desk.
  • She claims his dog broke it. And she wants the dog, Barney, in exchange, to put him to sleep.
  • Barney, whom Billy keeps under the counter, leaps out and attacks Mrs. Deagle.
  • Once Barney the vicious mutt is pried from Mrs. Deagle, Deagle dramatically feigns a heart condition and slinks away from the bank. Can you have a heart condition if you're heartless?

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