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Gremlins Scene 5

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Scene 5

Scene 5

  • At home, Billy helps mom prepare dinner.
  • He attempts to use one of his dad's inventions to crack eggs, for when tapping them on the side of a bowl is too hard.
  • Mom's sad over something to do with Mrs. Deagle, the most miserable woman on the planet, but her story is interrupted when dad, Rand Peltzer, comes home.
  • He has a big gift for Billy, who hopes it's a puppy. What, is Barney not good enough anymore? He needs to trade the old mutt in for a new model?
  • Dad dims the lights for Billy to tear off the wrapping paper. We like to do it with the lights on. By do it, we mean open presents, of course.
  • The fuzzy little mogwai pokes his out of the box, and Billy is in awe of this unique little creature.
  • Mom, she hopes he's housebroken.
  • Dad has named him Gizmo.
  • Mom gets the camera to take a picture.
  • But the bright light scares Gizmo.
  • Dad takes this opportunity to relay the three rules to the family: no sunlight, no water, and don't ever feed him after midnight.

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