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Gremlins Scene 6

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Scene 6

Scene 6

  • Billy plays with Gizmo, dressing him up in a Santa hat for fun.
  • If mogwai were common, there would be so many ridiculous mogwai videos on Vine.
  • Gizmo gets scared from a bright light and falls into the trashcan. Ouchie.
  • Billy bandages his little fuzzy head. Concussions have never been cuter.
  • The next morning, Billy tries to make juice using his dad's juicer invention.
  • All those articles proclaiming juicing a "new" fad for the 21st Century? Guys, it's been around for decades.
  • Billy's young friend Pete comes over and has a radical idea: buy juice in cartons. Kid's a genius.
  • In Billy's bedroom, Gizmo is watching an old movie in bed.
  • Billy introduces Pete to Gizmo, who chirps and blinks like a Furby.
  • Pete accidentally knocks over a jar of liquid onto Gizmo, and Gizmo screeches in pain.
  • What was in that jar, acid?
  • No, it was water.
  • A Tribble-like furry egg shoots out of Gizmo's back.
  • It's soon joined by four more furballs, which quickly grow into brand-new mogwai.
  • Pete wants the one with a cute little stripe.
  • That one doesn't seem as cute when it almost bites Pete's finger off.
  • Gizmo sits in the corner and mopes. Isn't he happy to be a daddy?

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