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Gremlins Scene 9

Scene 9

Scene 9

  • Back at the public school science lab, Mr. Hanson is injecting his mogwai with a scary needle and drawing blood for a blood test.
  • At home, Billy watches Invasion of the Body Snatchers with Gizmo, eats a sandwich, and does homework.
  • The other mogwai are freaking out because they want food.
  • It's not midnight, so Billy goes to the kitchen to get them a snack.
  • They devour the leftover chicken. It's super messy. Somebody give 'em wet naps. Oh no wait, don't, we can't get them wet. How do you keep a mogwai clean?
  • At the school, the mogwai in Mr. Hanson's cage eats his leftover sandwich…after midnight.
  • In the morning, Billy finds huge gross pulsating eggs where the cute fuzzy mogwai used to be.
  • Billy realizes about eight hours too late that the mogwais broke Billy's clock, tricking him into feeding them after midnight.
  • Mr. Hanson has a sticky cocoon too, and he has to cut it out of its cage.
  • He explains to the kids that the mogwai is going through a metamorphosis.
  • Are they going to be beautiful butterflies?

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