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Gremlins Family

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All families have different holiday traditions. Some families gather around a Christmas tree and pass out presents. Some families light a menorah and eat latkes. Some families put up the Festivus pole and air their grievances.

There are a few different families portrayed in Gremlins. The Peltzer family's loving, but strained. The Futtermans appears to be a childless old couple. Kate's family was scarred on Christmas and will never be the same again.

And, if you think about it, the gremlins are the most dysfunctional family at all. Or maybe they're functional. The family that wreaks havoc together, stays together.

Questions About Family

  1. What is causing strain on the Peltzer family? Does the Gremlin incident help them come together, or does it pull them apart?
  2. Why is Kate's family different than other families on Christmas?
  3. Would you consider the gremlins a family? If so, why is Gizmo an outcast?

Chew on This

Gremlins is the best family Christmas movie, because it unites the Peltzer family against a common enemy, instead of watching them fight amongst themselves.

Not having a family can make a person bitter, or it can make them stronger. Kate's family was devastated by tragedy, but she has a strong will as a result. Mrs. Deagle's husband has died, leaving her alone, and she is bitter and angry about it.

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