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Groundhog Day Larry (Chris Elliott)

Larry (Chris Elliott)

Larry The Camera Guy

Larry's main job in this movie is to cut tension whenever possible and basically to be Phil Connor's emotional punching bag. When Phil finally dies, Larry looks at the morgue worker and says,

LARRY: He was a really great guy. I really liked him a lot

in what is a super-insincere manner. We don't really get much insight into his character apart from the fact that he likes pastries and likes to hit on women.

The biggest look we get into Larry's mind is when he's at the bar hitting on Nancy. Nancy is clearly not interested but Larry is clueless. He just rambles on about how he's misunderstood as a cameraman because people think he just points his camera at stuff. But as he insists,

LARRY: There is a lot more to it than just that.

There might be a lot more to Larry, too. But we never really find out. All we really get is his unsuccessful flirting, which concludes with him asking Nancy,

LARRY: Would you be at all interested in seeing the inside of the [weather] van?

Nancy declines (goodness—why on earth would she pass up such an amazing opportunity!) and Larry alter runs onstage at the Groundhog Day party to be auctioned off as a bachelor. All he gets is a twenty five-cent bid from an old woman. Poor Larry. Womp womp.

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