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Groundhog Day Scene 33

Scene 33

Scene 33

  • Ned Ryerson runs up to Phil on the street. But this time Phil greets him extremely intimately (in a romantic way). He asks Ned to call in sick so they can be together, and Ned gets really uncomfortable. Ned says he's got to get going and runs away.
  • Walking down the street one night, Phil sees the homeless man he passes every day on the street. The man doesn't look so good, so Phil takes him to a hospital. He says a curious thing when he sees the guy, though. He says, "Hello, father. Remember me?" So the homeless old man might have some ability to remember Phil day after day. We're never sure though.
  • At the hospital, Phil finds out from a nurse that the old man has passed away from natural causes. Phil demands to see the man's medical chart and to know what he died from. He figures that he'll have a shot at saving the guy next time.
  • The next time we see Phil, he's taking the old man out for a nice meal. It doesn't make a difference though. The old man still dies every time despite Phil's efforts. It looks like Phil has finally run into something he can't change.

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