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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Scene 27

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Scene 27

Scene 27

  • As Harry and Ron chat with Aragog, other rather large spiders begin to surround them.
  • Harry thanks Aragog for the info and announces it's time for them to be going. Maybe they'll stop by for some tea another time.
  • Naw, Aragog tells them. My children are pretty hungry and you boys look really juicy and delicious. Bad luck for you.
  • The spiders close in and Harry and Ron try to figure out an escape plan. It's not looking good.
  • Just then, the Ford Anglia drives into the hollow knocking spiders left and right. The two boys jump into the car and it drives off.
  • Of course, the spiders follow them through the forest but Ron manages to get the car to fly after a few false starts.
  • Harry and Ron soar up and out of the forest and land outside of Hagrid's hut again.
  • Then the car drives off. This time, the car has really had it with Ron and Harry.

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