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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Scene 32

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Scene 32

Scene 32

  • Tom decides it's time to call the basilisk. Here snakey, snakey, snakey!
  • He also reminds Harry that Parseltongue isn't going to help him since the basilisk with only obey the heir of Slytherin. Mwhahahahaha!
  • The basilisk slithers out of its hole and rushes after Harry. He can't look it in the eyes if he wants to live, so that's a problem, and Harry manages to trip as he's running away. Also not great.
  • Luckily, Fawkes swoops in and pecks out the eyes of the basilisk. Now the snake is blind…though it still has lots of really sharp teeth.
  • The basilisk follows Harry into some tunnels, but he escapes when he tricks the blind snake into follow the sound of a rock.
  • Back in the chamber, Ginny is nearly dead and Tom/Lord Voldemort is about to be reborn. That sounds bad.
  • What's also bad is that the basilisk is back. It pops its head up out of the pool around the Chamber of Secrets and attacks Harry again.
  • Harry glances down and notices that a sword is inside the Sorting Hat. Nice. Harry grabs it and uses it to swipe at the snake.
  • He climbs to higher ground and keeps swinging the sword at the snake. Harry is twelve years old but the snake is blind so apparently this is a fair fight.
  • Finally, the snake lunges at Harry and he stabs the basilisk in its head and kills it. R.I.P. horrifying monster.
  • Harry also manages to get a basilisk fang in the arm. This does not look good.

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