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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Scene 33

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Scene 33

Scene 33

  • At this point, Harry is not feeling so great. He's pulled the basilisk fang out of his arm but the venom is working fast. He's dying.
  • Tom Riddle is pretty smug about this. Sure his snake is dead, but his plan is coming together. Oh, the damage a silly little book can do.
  • Just then Harry grabs the diary out of Ginny's hands and stabs it with the basilisk fang. Tom screams. Harry keeps stabbing and blood spurts out of the diary until Tom Riddle is totally gone.
  • Then Ginny wakes up and sees that Harry is hurt. Oh, no.
  • Fawkes flies over and sheds a few tears for Harry.
  • Tears that have—all together now—healing powers. See, and you thought Dumbledore was just dropping meaningless asides earlier in the movie. No siree.
  • Harry doesn't die. Ginny doesn't die. And they all fly up and out of the Chamber of Secrets.

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