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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Scene 35

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Scene 35

Scene 35

  • As Harry and Dumbledore are having their little chat, Lucius Malfoy walks in the office with—surprise—Dobby. Whoa. Dobby is the Malfoys house-elf.
  • Lucius is ticked because Dumbledore is back.
  • Yup. Once Ginny had been taken into the Chamber of Secrets the Hogwarts governors reconsidered their position on the headmaster stepping down.
  • But Dumbledore has figured out who opened the chamber, right? Lucius wants to know.
  • Oh, yeah, it was Voldemort. But he had help in the form of this diary.
  • Lucius looks way uncomfortable.
  • It would be a shame if any of Voldemort's school stuff wound up at Hogwarts again. The person who tried to pull that stunt again would be in a whole mess of dragon dung.
  • As Lucius leaves, he kicks Dobby, and Harry has an idea.
  • He follows Mr. Malfoy out of Dumbledore's office with the beat up diary and hands it over to the old villain.
  • Harry tells Mr. Malfoy that he knows that the diary actually wound up with Ginny Weasley because Mr. Malfoy slipped it into her cauldron the day they met while shopping at Diagon Alley.
  • This is obviously exactly what happened but Lucius isn't admitting anything. He hands the book to Dobby and makes some snide comments instead.
  • Then, Harry tells Dobby to look inside the book. When the house-elf opens the book, there's a sock inside. Dobby's master has presented him with clothes. He's free now. Yay!
  • This is kind of the last straw for Lucius. Not only did every one of his evil schemes get foiled by a twelve year old boy but now he has no servant.
  • Lucius pulls out his wand to curse Harry, but Dobby steps in the way to defend the boy.
  • Take that, Malfoy.

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