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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Scene 36

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Scene 36

Scene 36

  • And finally, here we are at the end of the year feast.
  • Hermione walks in and sees Ron and Harry. They run to each other. She and Harry hug. She and Ron share and awkward handshake. Aww. They like each other.
  • Dumbledore gets up to do his end-of-term speech. He announces that everyone has been successfully healed with the help of the mandrakes. Nice.
  • Then, he mentions that exams have been cancelled due to the recent child kidnapping and monster slaying. See? There's a silver lining to everything. Everyone cheers.
  • Just then, Hagrid comes through the doors of the Great Hall.
  • He goes straight over to Harry, Ron, and Hermione and thanks them for proving that he should be released from Azkaban.
  • Yes, Hagrid spent the last fifty years unable to complete his magical education with a cloud of suspicion over his head but all it took was three second-year Hogwarts students to prove that he was framed for a crime he didn't commit.
  • Call us crazy, but couldn't someone else have cracked this case a little earlier?
  • Harry and Hagrid hug because justice. Dumbledore starts to clap. Then everyone starts to clap. Heck, even the Slytherins start to clap. Malfoy has to remind Crabbe and Goyle that they don't clap for awesome things like this.
  • Everyone is happy, everything is magical, and another year at Hogwarts is done.

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