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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Score 19

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Score 19

Score 19

  • Everyone is talking about how Harry is totally weird and can talk to snakes, so he decides to leave study hall.
  • Outside, in the corridor, he hears the voices again and then stumbles across the ghost of Nearly Headless Nick and a petrified Justin. This is not great for his reputation.
  • Professor McGonagall brings Harry to Dumbledore's office.
  • Inside, he has a conversation with the Sorting Hat. The Hat mentions that Harry would have done well in Slytherin, which ruffles Harry's feathers a bit.
  • Harry also notices Dumbledore's pet bird, who happens to burst into flames right before Dumbledore walks into the office. Oh, man.
  • No worries because Fawkes is a phoenix. He's supposed to burst into flames and then be reborn from ashes. That's kind of his deal.
  • Dumbledore also lets slip that phoenixes can carry really heavy loads and have healing tears. That information probably won't come in handy later though.
  • Just then Hagrid rushes into Dumbledore's office and tells Dumbledore that Harry didn't do anything to Nearly Headless Nick and Justin.
  • Um, Dumbledore already knows, Hagrid. He just called Harry to his office to see if Harry wanted to tell him anything. Anything at all?
  • Naw, Harry says. I'm good.
  • Okay. Lives are on the line, but make sure you hang onto your kid secrets, Harry. Geez.

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