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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1 Production Design

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Production Design

The Magical (Digital) World of Harry Potter

This is a movie with wizards, beasts (fantastic ones, you might say), and all kinds of other things you wouldn't typically be able to film, so it's safe to say a lot of green screen/special effects were used to make this world possible. The result is beautiful visuals and magical circumstances (broom chase sequences!) and beings (house elves!) that you'd never get to see otherwise.

As far as P.O.V., as usual, we stick pretty close to Harry's knowledge of and perspective on the world. When Harry goes into hiding with Ron and Hermione, we know as much (or as little) as Harry knows about what is going on with the people they've left behind…which pretty much leaves everyone frustrated, we have to say.

But hey, you can't say it doesn't build suspense, right? Also, it definitely increases our stakes as viewers in the whole "finding Horcruxes" thing. The sooner they find the Horcruxes, the sooner we'll be reunited with the rest of the Hogwarts gang and can stop hyperventilating into a bag about their safety.

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