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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1 Scene 20

Scene 20

Scene 20

  • And so here they are in Godric's Hollow. This is where Harry was born, and (as Harry learned at Bill and Fleur's wedding) it's where Dumbledore grew up. And where his parents were killed. Basically, it's really important,
  • It appears that they've arrived in the village on Christmas Eve.
  • They're right by the churchyard, and Harry realizes that his parents are probably buried in there. So, they go in to take a look.
  • Hermione checks out some headstones, and finds one with the name "Igotus Peverell" and a symbol on it. Hey, that's the same symbol that she saw in the book/that Luna's dad was wearing.
  • She tries to get Harry's attention to tell him, but he's not paying attention. He's found his parents' graves.
  • Hermione joins him and conjures a wreath for the gravesite, and they comfort each other.
  • Then, they realize someone is watching them. A woman. Yikes, this is making us nervous.
  • The woman walks away, but Harry thinks he recognizes her. Apparently, it's Bathilda Bagshot. Hermione isn't keen on following her, but Harry thinks she might have the sword of Gryffindor. Which they really need if they want to destroy the Horcrux.
  • As they follow the woman, they walk by Harry's old house, where his parents were murdered. They pause to look at it.
  • Suddenly, the woman who had been walking away from them comes up beside them. Harry asks if she is Bathilda.
  • She says nothing, but Harry seems to take her stare as a yes.
  • They go to her house.
  • A photograph catches Harry's eye, and he tries to ask Bathilda about it…but she's still nonresponsive. In fact, she has yet to speak at all.
  • Bathilda goes upstairs, and Harry decides to follow her.
  • Meanwhile, Hermione looks around. She finds a copy of Rita Skeeter's book.
  • Upstairs, Bathilda has noticed the locket around Harry's neck. She seems very interested in it. Which doesn't seem like a good sign to us.
  • Finally, she starts talking to Harry, but in Parseltongue. Again, not a good sign. But Harry doesn't seem to notice.
  • As Harry continues to look around, suddenly Bathilda transforms into Voldemort's snake.
  • They start struggling. Hermione hears the commotion from below and comes up to try to help.
  • Nagini captures Harry briefly, but he escapes, and then Hermione and Harry manage to stun the snake.
  • She's not down for the count yet, though: She attacks once more, and Harry and Hermione have to escape out the window.

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