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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1 Scene 24

Scene 24

Scene 24

  • They arrive at Luna's dad's house, and things seem…off.
  • Xenophilius looks super disheveled, and he's not happy to see them. They ask where Luna is, and he doesn't seem to know but says she'll "be along."
  • Once they are inside, Xenophilius asks what Harry needs from them.
  • Harry explains they want to know more about the symbol he wears around, and he replies that it's the sign of something called the Deathly Hallows.
  • He asks if the kids if they are familiar with the story of the three brothers. Ron and Hermione say yes, but Harry isn't.
  • So, Hermione pulls out her book and starts reading the story of three brothers.
  • As the story goes, the brothers met Death one day after cheating him (by avoiding an accidental drowning).
  • As a "reward" for their feat, Death gave them three gifts (one to each brother): a powerful wand, a stone that brought the dead back to life, and an invisibility cloak.
  • Unfortunately, the brothers who received the wand and the stone actually destroyed their lives by using them and died young. However, the brother who had the invisibility cloak lived a long and happy life.
  • After Hermione has finished reading the story Xenophilius explains how this all relates to the symbol. It seems that the symbol encompasses the stone, the wand, and the cloak that each of the brothers had in the story.
  • According to legend, those three "hallows" together make you the "Master of Death."
  • It's an interesting yarn, but we have to say, Xenophilius is acting super weird and even nervous. And the fact that he doesn't want Harry to leave seems pretty suspicious.
  • He even says something weird about Harry being his only hope. Wait, what does that mean?
  • We don't have to wait too very long to find out: It seems that Death Eaters kidnapped Luna, and now Xenophilius has summoned Voldemort's gang to come get Harry. He's hoping that some kind of exchange can happen.
  • Luckily, though, Harry and the gang are able to get out of the house before the Death Eaters can capture them.
  • Downside: They Apparate right into a gang of Snatchers. Well, that was bad luck.
  • Hermione stuns Harry with some kind of curse to change his appearance, presumably so the Snatchers don't realize he's Harry Potter.
  • Oh, yikes, Greyback the werewolf is with the Snatchers—that's not a good sign.
  • And in a double bit of bad news: The head Snatcher seems to realize who Harry is when he spots his scar, and so they take Harry directly to Voldemort's crew. Things are not looking good.
  • Bellatrix gets Draco Malfoy (Harry's old classmate) in to examine Harry and confirm it's him. Draco looks carefully, but is reluctant to say anything.
  • Then Bellatrix sees one of the Snatchers with the sword of Gryffindor. And she is not happy. In fact, she's pretty enraged.
  • She has the boys thrown in the cellar so she can have a talk with Hermione.
  • Down in the cellar, the boys find Luna and Ollivander (the wand maker) imprisoned as well.
  • Up above, Bellatrix is trying to torture Hermione to find out how she and her friends got the sword, since it's supposed to be in her vault at Gringotts.
  • Down in the cellar, Harry looks into that jagged little bit of broken mirror, where an eye sometimes appears (remember? The eye that looks like Dumbledore's?), and begs for help. Suddenly, Dobby appears.
  • Harry asks Dobby to Apparate Luna and Ollivander out of the cell.
  • Then, Wormtail comes back, and they stun him. Harry and Ron creep upstairs to rescue Hermione.
  • Bella is interrogating a goblin from Gringotts about how the sword of Gryffindor ended up with Harry and his pals. Hermione is in rough shape on the floor.
  • When the boys appear, Bella returns to Hermione and puts a knife to her throat to prevent them from trying to attack.
  • Bella tells Malfoy to call Voldemort. However, in the middle of all this, Dobby drops a chandelier on them, which thwarts that plan.
  • Harry, Hermione, and Dobby start to Disapparate, but not before Bellatrix throws a knife at them.
  • Unfortunately, when they Apparate on a beach, they discover that the knife hit Dobby. He dies, and they bury him.

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