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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1 Scene 7

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Scene 7

Scene 7

  • Now we see Harry looking into a bit of shattered mirror. Wait, is that Dumbledore looking back? How can that be?
  • No time to ponder that, though. Harry is all packed up and ready to leave the Dursleys' house forever.
  • He hears people outside, and it turns out to be a whole crew from the Order.
  • Mad Eye takes control and tells Harry the plan: They're all going to take Polyjuice Potion so they all look like Harry. This way, when they transport Harry, the enemies waiting for them won't be able to tell who's who. Pretty smart, if you ask us.
  • Harry objects, since it puts all of his friends in danger. However, he has to give in to group pressure, and they all change.
  • The real Harry gets in the sidecar of Hagrid's motorbike, and they all take off, flying up through the clouds.
  • Bad news, though: the Death Eaters were waiting for them.
  • Harry desperately tries to fend off the attackers and Hagrid speeds him away.
  • But Hedwig gets hit with a killing curse. RIP.
  • But there's no time to worry about that, either.
  • Suddenly, Harry's scar is throbbing and Voldemort is there. Without trying/meaning to, he raises his arm with his wand and it connects with Voldemort's. Both wands are casting spells, and Harry's somehow overpowers Voldemort's.
  • Despite all that—and the malfunctioning of the bike—Harry and Hagrid manage to land safely at the Burrow.
  • More bad news, though: No one else is back yet.
  • Oh wait—here's someone. It's someone who looks like Harry with his ear ripped off. Lupin is carrying him.
  • Lupin brings the boy into the house and then interrogates Harry to make sure it's him.
  • Lupin says that they have been betrayed, since Voldemort knew Harry was being moved that night.
  • Then Kingsley arrives, then Ron. Kingsley asks how Voldemort knew to chase the real Harry, and Harry says it was the fact that Hedwig was protecting him.
  • Now Mr. Weasley and Fred are back. They're looking for George—who, it turns out, is the boy missing an ear.
  • They find George convalescing, and Fred leans by his brother. George starts cracking jokes—which is probably a good sign, right? Not that we find anything particularly funny right now.
  • Bill arrives soon after this, and then Tonks.
  • Bill announces that Mad Eye is dead. Mundungus, a thief who was paired with Mad Eye during the transport, Disapparated when Voldemort arrived. Everyone is obviously pretty devastated.

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