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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 Scene 26

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Scene 26

Scene 26

  • Voldemort and his cronies (including Bellatrix) are waiting in the forest. Voldemort is surprised that Harry hasn't shown up yet.
  • Then, Harry arrives. Hagrid, who's there as a prisoner of the Death Eaters, yells at Harry for showing up.
  • Voldemort casts the Killing Curse at Harry in a blinding flash of green light.
  • So. . .that's it? Movie over? Evil wins?
  • Hmm, apparently not. We flash to Harry waking up on the floor somewhere else. Is he in a train station?
  • Harry gets up, drawn by the noise of something under a bench. It's a tiny, bloody, skeleton-like thing. It appears to be in a lot of distress.
  • Suddenly, Dumbledore is there, and he remarks on how brave Harry is. He invites him to walk around with this place, which looks a lot like King's Cross, only. . .whiter and glowy-er.
  • Dumbledore informs Harry the part of Voldemort living within him has now been destroyed.
  • But, like, is Harry legit dead? Or not? It appears that he's not...
  • Harry asks if he has to go "back," and Dumbledore says it seems to be up to him.
  • Harry remarks that the snake is still alive, and Voldemort still has the Elder Wand. . .even if he goes back, the odds of success in killing Voldemort are still not fantastic.
  • Dumbledore basically assures him that he will get what he needs at the right time.
  • Harry asks if their whole interaction is real or just happening in his mind. Dumbledore says it can be both.
  • Harry then asks Dumbledore outright what he should do, but Dumbledore disappears.

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