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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 Scene 30

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Scene 30

Scene 30

  • Suddenly, we're flashing forward nineteen years, and we're back at King's Cross with a new batch of wizards heading to Hogwarts.
  • One of them is Harry and Ginny's son. Aww, they got married and had babies. They have a daughter, too.
  • Hermione and Ron are there too, sending one of their own kids off as well.
  • Harry's son is nervous. He's worried he'll get put into Slytherin.
  • Harry tells little Albus Severus that one of his namesakes was a very brave Slytherin, and it will all be fine.
  • That seems to make Albus feel better, and he boards the train. It departs, and the parents and siblings all wave goodbye.
  • We zoom out from Ron, Hermione, and Harry's faces, and that, folks, is the end.

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