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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Setting

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Hogwarts (Of Course)

Hogwarts is a place where you feel like pretty much anything can happen…because, well, it probably can. To offer just a few examples, you might find:

  • Ghosts roaming the halls (that's, like, in every HP installment), including one who just frequents the bathrooms (that would be Moaning Myrtle)
  • A magical goblet that spits out the names of the students who have been selected to compete in the Triwizard Tournament
  • A face in the fireplace (that's how Sirius appears to Harry so they can "meet" about strange happenings at Hogwarts)
  • A magical staircase that leads to the headmaster's office
  • A magical dish called a "Pensieve" that can hold your old thoughts/memories

And seriously, that's just a sample. This is a story of witches and wizards, so we're not totally surprised at how many kooky things are about in Hogwarts but…yeah, maybe the bathroom ghost was a little unexpected.

In any case, bottom line: Hogwarts is where all the "magic" happens. Like, literally.

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