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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Scenes 1-5

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Scenes 1-5

Scenes 1-5

  • Well, there's no warm up here: we're starting off the film on a super creepy note. There's a snake weaving its way through some dark space.
  • Then the titles appear—phew, reprieve from snakes.
  • Now we're panning back down to earth from the titles, and we see a dark house with a window lit up. There's a man cooking on the stove in the house.
  • He sees a light in a window in a building nearby, seems annoyed, and heads out toward the other house with the flashlight. Dude, we wouldn't do that.
  • He climbs the front steps and enters the other house. He's peering around, heading further inside.
  • We hear whispering. Through his POV, we see him climbing the stairs toward a room lit up, presumably the one that caught his eye in the first place from his own kitchen.
  • Uh oh, two guys are in the room talking to Lord Voldemort. One of them is Wormtail a.k.a. Peter Pettigrew, the man who betrayed the Potters to Lord V. and framed Sirius for it.
  • Uh oh, that snake is back, weaving its way past the old man. Uh oh: the snake can talk. None of this is good. It's all uh oh.
  • Voldemort then says that Nagini (that would be the snake) has just told him the caretaker is standing just outside the door. Voldemort kills the caretaker.
  • Yup, we saw that coming.
  • We cut to Harry Potter, who is apparently having a nightmare. Hmm, was he seeing what was happening in the previous scene?
  • Anyway, he can't really focus on that right now, because Hermione is there trying to get both him and Ron up. She's annoyed that they are still asleep. They are apparently all staying with the Weasleys.
  • The kids and Mr. Weasley then head out, but no one but Mr. Weasley seems to know where they're going. They run into Mr. Diggory and his son, Cedric.
  • They are all walking through a field and suddenly seem excited to find an old boot. Apparently, it's a Portkey. (Whatever that is?) Anyway, they all put their hands on it, and suddenly the whole party is flying through the air.
  • They come crashing to the ground somewhere completely different.
  • Apparently, they've arrived at the Quidditch World Cup. It's apparently a huge festival. There are tons of people, music, tents…the whole shebang.
  • Mr. Weasley invites them into a tent that looks far too small for all of them. When Harry goes in, though, he finds it's much bigger on the inside than the outside.
  • Now everyone is at the game itself. There's a huge crowd. The Weasleys' group has an unpleasant confrontation with the Malfoys.
  • Lucius Malfoy makes a snotty remark to Harry about how he should enjoy himself while he can.
  • The players are introduced. Some guy named Krum seems very popular. Apparently, he's the best "seeker" in the world.
  • Then, the match officially kicks off.
  • After the game, the kids are back in the tent, and Ron is going on (and on and on…) about how amazing Krum is. The others tease him about the extent of his Krumworship.
  • They hear a commotion outside, and one of the boys blames the noise on the celebrations of the Irish.
  • However, Mr. Weasley apparently knows better and says that they all have to get out of there right now.
  • Turns out, some folks who call themselves "Death Eaters" are on the march. It's complete chaos as people who aren't Death Eaters try to get out of the area. The Death Eaters are lighting stuff on fire.
  • Harry gets separated from the others in all the hubbub, and gets knocked out/trampled.
  • When he comes to, turns out he's right near a lone man who sends a very creepy skull symbol (with a snake coming out of its mouth) up into the sky. Ugh, snakes again.
  • Ron and Hermione find Harry soon after. Then, a group of men (including Mr. Weasley) come up and try to stupefy the kids before they realize who they are.
  • One of the men, Bartemius Crouch, asks which one of the kids sent up the signal.
  • Apparently, that skull-snake thing was Voldemort's "dark mark." Hmm, maybe that explains why Harry's head hurts while looking at it.
  • Harry tells the others about the lone man he saw sending up the dark mark. He didn't see his face, unfortunately.
  • The adult men leave to search for this dude.

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