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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Scenes 11-15

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Scenes 11-15

Scenes 11-15

  • The kids discuss the class afterwards. Ron is super impressed, but Hermione…not so much. She so doesn't approve of bringing curses like that into a classroom.
  • She also didn't like how much the lesson bothered Neville. They come upon Neville standing in the stairway, staring blankly.
  • Moody comes up and takes Neville back to his office for tea and to show him something.
  • The students are standing around the Goblet of Fire, watching people put in their ballots. The Weasley twins (who apparently are under seventeen) are planning to use an age potion to get through the security on the goblet to put their ballot in.
  • They are successful…sort of. They get past the "age circle" around the goblet and immediately claim victory.
  • Not so fast, though, boys: when they actually put the ballot in the goblet, they are thrown back and turned into old men.
  • The brothers start fighting/blaming each other for the side effects of the prank.
  • Krum then enters and puts his ballot in. He and Hermione share a kind of moony look. Wait: we thought Ron was the one who was mesmerized by Krum?
  • The students are at dinner, and it's time to announce the students who will be competing in the tournament. The first name comes out: Viktor Krum will be the Durmstrang champion.
  • Second name: Fleur Delacour (she's from Beauxbatons).
  • Third name: the Hogwarts champion is (drumroll, please) Cedric Diggory. Hey, we know that guy—he was at the Triwizard Tournament.
  • So, we have the three champions. Or do we? Snape steps forward as he sees the cup getting ready to throw out another name. What the what? Dumbledore, we thought you had this under control, man.
  • Dumbledore catches the paper that comes out and reads the name. You know what it's going to be. We all know what it's going to be: Harry Potter. Trouble just follows this poor kid.
  • Dumbledore is not happy, and really, neither is anyone else. Dumbledore angrily calls for Harry to join the others.
  • Harry's pretty stunned, though, so Hermione has to push him to go up.
  • Dumbledore hands him the paper. Harry is confused.
  • People start screaming that he's a cheat. He's not seventeen, for one.
  • The champions are listening as the headmasters fight about this latest twist.
  • Dumbledore asks Harry if he submitted his name. Harry says no.
  • Dumbledore then asks Bartemius Crouch if there's anything they can do to stop Harry from having to compete, and he says no—the rules are the rules.
  • More angry discussions ensue. Now, Dumbledore and McGonagall are talking about the issue in Dumbledore's office.
  • McGonagall wants Dumbledore to forbid Harry from competing. Snape thinks they should just let Harry compete.
  • Dumbledore asks Mad Eye and Snape to keep an eye on Harry.

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